DiscoverTELL ME A STORY: THE TRUE LIFE OF JAKOB STANLEYFile Labeled: “003 Rough Cut | Ep3”
File Labeled: “003 Rough Cut | Ep3”

File Labeled: “003 Rough Cut | Ep3”

Update: 2021-12-15


/// Episode 3 Notes: YES, again. | This morning Jane was several hours late, so we did not get to the camper van until way after we planned. But it still was cool as shit. There wasn't much there, but there were some folios containing a few illustrations, might be from the same guy who did his last book... a few VHS tapes.. etc. Met Jane's neighbor, he said he would try to get the camper running for us. BUT that means another night at the Homestead. 2night we are making Tolen buys us all the alcohols. /// END ///

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File Labeled: “003 Rough Cut | Ep3”

File Labeled: “003 Rough Cut | Ep3”

Silvia Whitaker