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Final Fantasy VII Remake with Lulu - Part One

Final Fantasy VII Remake with Lulu - Part One

Update: 2020-06-19


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We sat down with Lulu to talk all things Final Fantasy VII Remake, and ended up talking for about 4 hours. This episode is part one of that discussion; in it, we talk about Wall Market, the remake as a whole, "that" section of the game, Hell House, and some top tips. We also talked about materia, Sephiroth's hair (and Lulu's hair envy), weapons, sound design, summons, and the fact that I haven't even played it yet.

These notes aren't the full show notes, because it would take forever and a day to download them. So make sure to click here to read the full show notes (and to see the amazing artwork, provided by Yurricanes). There is a whole load more content over in those fuller show notes, you know - including lots of links to related stuff, and all of the things that Stan mentioned.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake with Lulu - Part One

Final Fantasy VII Remake with Lulu - Part One

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