DiscoverFinancial Freedom Now ShowFinancial Freedom Now Show | Episode 21: Michelle Walker-Smith
Financial Freedom Now Show | Episode 21: Michelle Walker-Smith

Financial Freedom Now Show | Episode 21: Michelle Walker-Smith

Update: 2023-08-08


About Michelle:

Seeing adversity and sympathising with others in need is one thing but empathising and doing something to help is another and Michelle has committed her life to ensure others achieve success. She came from humble beginnings and has used the hardships that were thrown her way to come back fighting stronger.
Through sheer grit and determination, she survived a life-threatening ruptured appendix that saw her battle septicaemia, turning her life upside down. She became more motivated than ever to achieve her goals and used her experience from her time as a Housing Assistant and knowledge from a business degree to become a property investor with her husband Peter. Before long they created a successful property portfolio in the North-East.
Michelle then went on to create Aqua Lettings, an award-winning letting agency with an outstanding reputation for going the extra mile. The experience she gained as a property investor gave her invaluable knowledge of creating a successful business targeted at landlords and tenants alike.
During her time as a Housing Assistant, she was able to create interpersonal relationships with people from less fortunate backgrounds, gaining their trust and respect. She takes this skillset forward throughout life and regularly takes part in sponsored sleepouts helping to raise money for those who are homeless.

Wanting to give back and help others has become part of Michelle’s DNA and recently becoming a property and life mentor has allowed her to reach a wider audience. Her achievements have been recognised and she was nominated for Female Entrepreneur of The Year 2022 and won the Fabulous Friend Award 2021. She has shared her journey through hardship and adversity to prosperity in a co- authored book ‘Stronger Than Ever’ alongside other Queens in Business and has shared her investment knowledge in the property guide ‘The 1st Place’.

Everyone who meets Michelle experiences a warm and caring individual who wants to give back to society and help those who are suffering in a dark place, and those looking to invest in their future. She is truly a courageous woman who is motivating and enriches the lives of all those she meets.


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Financial Freedom Now Show | Episode 21: Michelle Walker-Smith

Financial Freedom Now Show | Episode 21: Michelle Walker-Smith

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