DiscoverImpact Theory with Tom BilyeuFind Your PURPOSE, Craft Your Identity and COMMIT to YOURSELF | Tom Bilyeu
Find Your PURPOSE, Craft Your Identity and COMMIT to YOURSELF | Tom Bilyeu

Find Your PURPOSE, Craft Your Identity and COMMIT to YOURSELF | Tom Bilyeu

Update: 2023-03-062


Why is change so hard? If it was easy everyone would be doing it and maybe the world would be a much better place. But, those of us with the best of intentions and the grandest of goals struggle with knowing who we are and connecting where we are with the distant reality of who we want to become. Can you relate?

Changing your identity demands much more than most are willing to push through. The discipline, the self-awareness, the relentless pursuit of self-control and the skill it takes to adopt an identity worth pursuing are challenges and obstacles, but none of it translates to being impossible. Tom is unpacking the power of identity. Its power to change the course of your life and put you in higher situations and opportunities to succeed like you’ve never imagined.

Get ready to take notes and do some reflecting. If you are serious about changing your life around and executing at the highest level it’s going to require work, and it starts right now! Let’s GO!


“I'm just dumb enough to make a lot of mistakes. But just smart enough to fix some of them.” [13:44 ]

“For whatever weird fucking reason humans want to be congruent, so if you tell somebody you are something, then you want to act in congruence with that, otherwise, it does not feel good.” [19:29 ]

“I have found in the moment where you most want to panic, downshift…” [30:14 ]

“We only do and believe that which moves us towards our goals.” [39:04 ]

“Building your ultimate sort of version of yourself is a very complicated endeavor, but if you get the identity right, you're probably 60% of the way there.” [41:08 ]

“If you're gonna model yourself after me, let me tell you the ability to build desire. That shit is my like, secret fucking weapon…” [44:45 ]

“There is real power in anger, frustration, and not wanting somebody to get one over on you. On winning against all odds” [59:39 ]

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Find Your PURPOSE, Craft Your Identity and COMMIT to YOURSELF | Tom Bilyeu

Find Your PURPOSE, Craft Your Identity and COMMIT to YOURSELF | Tom Bilyeu

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