DiscoverFind The MagicFinding Contentment AS We Crush Our Goals
Finding Contentment AS We Crush Our Goals

Finding Contentment AS We Crush Our Goals

Update: 2021-12-13


Is it possible to be content while also still growing? Can we reach for our goals, but still find enjoyment in our lives along the way? In this episode, we dive deep into the philosophy of contentment and discuss ways to find a deep well of it in our lives, even as we work towards our goals. We identify several indicators that help us know if we are caught up in unhealthy striving, which will not satisfy us, because we will always be reaching for our contentment in the next thing. We discuss tools we can use to employ healthy striving, which allows for contentment and wholeness during the whole process. This kind does not base our worth nor our happiness on our achievements, and liberates us to live our lives fully

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These [ladies] are so good at motivating mamas and dads everywhere...It helps us all find the peaceful goodness in parenting and cling onto it!


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Finding Contentment AS We Crush Our Goals

Finding Contentment AS We Crush Our Goals

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