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Finding Creativity Outside of Work

Finding Creativity Outside of Work

Update: 2019-12-023


A few weeks back on the show, we were talking with our own Coach Larry about what to do if you base your entire identity on your job. Which unsurprisingly, is NOT the healthiest way to live.

One piece of Larry’s advice was to make sure there’s “something else” in your life other than work, including creative pursuits. But how do you work an extra passion project into your busy schedule? And what if you don’t even think of yourself as especially creative?

Today’s guest Laura M. Holson has some ideas. She’s a longtime writer for The New York Times and authored the article, “Forget a Fast Car, Creativity Is The New Midlife Crisis Cure.” Holson also started “The BOX Sessions,” a “creative gathering” that will happen in February 2020. Holson shares her personal story of finding creativity (and a knack for doing voice-overs), as well as some tips for starting a creative journey when you’re strapped for time.

Then we’ll hear from listener Steven, who spends Monday through Friday as a steelworker and moonlights as a DJ. He needs some advice on how to leave his day job for a career he’s really passionate about.

Liz and Rico will also chat with listener Carly who wants to know the best way to create “psychological safety” at work -- A.K.A. an environment where people aren’t afraid to speak up.

And later, listener Karen was put in a tough situation at work when a whistleblower showed her some damning work emails, all written by management. Our favorite lawyer Laura Lawless writes in with some advice on the legal implications of those messages, and what Karen can do with them.

As always, if you've got a burning workplace question and need some advice, don't hesitate to send us an email (that email, unsurprisingly, is also You can also find us on Twitter, we’re @SafeFor Work. Don't forget to follow our sage hosts on Twitter, too; they're @SSLiz and @RicoGagliano. And if you want to check out Liz’s other show, Satellite Sisters, you can find it on Apple Podcasts or Art19.

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Finding Creativity Outside of Work

Finding Creativity Outside of Work