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Finding Freedom in Prison

Finding Freedom in Prison

Update: 2019-06-09


Linda Heaner is the Director of Abiding Hope Ministries. She leads a team of facilitators who volunteer for Prison Fellowship Academy at The Minnesota Department of Corrections facility in Shakopee. Her experiences there have been profound, as she helps incarcerated women dive deeply into their stories, share them with one another, and invite God to heal their deep wounds. Freedom is found behind prison walls.

Linda Heaner's Biography

Linda Joyce Heaner loves Jesus wholeheartedly. Through her speaking, teaching, prayer ministry and writing, she passionately helps others experience the fullness of life that Jesus offers.

Linda's training and experience include pastoral ministry, Christian education, Biblical studies, prayer ministry, and many years of leading women into a deeper relationship with Jesus. As the founder and director of Abiding Hope Ministries she is committed to helping women in all situations and life stages experience God's freedom and restoration from the past, stability for today, and joy in becoming who God designed them to be. Linda has a deep compassion for single moms, having raised her children as a single mom.

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Finding Freedom in Prison

Finding Freedom in Prison