DiscoverPaychex THRIVE, a Business PodcastFinding Good Staff in a Tight Labor Market
Finding Good Staff in a Tight Labor Market

Finding Good Staff in a Tight Labor Market

Update: 2022-10-04


As we close out season 3 of THRIVE, Gene Marks talks with Jeremy Bilsky, Senior Director and General Manager of Advance Partners about the current state of the staffing industry and how finding good talent is harder than ever before. Hear what Jeremy had to say about topics such as temp-to-hire versus direct hire, redefining employment, the impact of remote work on staffing, and much more.

Topics Include:

00:19 – An introduction to Advance Partners
03:14 – Staffing temp-to-hire vs. Direct hire
06:10 – Staffing independent contractors
07:55 – Redefining employment
12:00 – How staffing firms have done this year
15:57 – The impact of remote work on the staffing industry
19:05 – What Jeremy has learned over the past 19 years
24:23 – Jeremy’s insights on negative cash flow
27:52 – How the company provides financing
32:19 – The process for bringing on workers
33:20 – The importance of average days to pay
40:34 – The impact of rising interest rates
45:57 – Advice for those in the service industry

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Finding Good Staff in a Tight Labor Market

Finding Good Staff in a Tight Labor Market

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