DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastFinding Joy & Acceptance in Fitness for Every Body w/ Kanoa Greene
Finding Joy & Acceptance in Fitness for Every Body w/ Kanoa Greene

Finding Joy & Acceptance in Fitness for Every Body w/ Kanoa Greene

Update: 2020-10-06


Having joy in your workout can help you get closer to your goals, feel comfortable in your here and now body, and connect to movement in a way that breaks down the barriers so commonly seen in fitness culture. Kanoa Greene uses her warmth, radiance, and strength to encourage and support others to find joy in movement and show up in the fitness space exactly as you are now.

Key Takeaways

In Order To Show Up As Your Authentic Self You Must:

  1. Seek Out Representation For Your Body Type And A Community That Makes You Feel Supported
  2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People In Different Size Bodies And Start Embracing Where You Are Now
  3. Find A Type Of Movement That Brings You Joy and Stop Sweating The Small Stuff

Fitness For Everybody And Every Body with Kanoa Greene

Kanoa Greene is a fitness coach and trainer who is passionate about bringing fitness to everybody and every body. A plus size girl herself, Kanoa knows first hand the importance of representation and inclusivity in the fitness space. While she has had to switch up her coaching model due to the pandemic, she has found her tribe bringing weekly workouts to Instagram that get creative in breaking down the fitness wall even further.

Finding Joy In Movement

Kanoa’s radiant and positive energy is contagious, which is clear during her weekly dance parties and finding joy in working out. Kanoa believes that movement can help bridge the gap between your mental and emotional health, and wants to show up in a fitness space where there is not an accurate representation of larger bodies. By inviting all bodies to be part of the conversation, Kanoa is making a place for everybody and proving that anyone can be part of this movement.

Everybody Is Struggling, Not Just You

Kanoa owns her role as the ‘hot mess express’ and her main goal is to authentically share where she is right now to inspire you to do the same. By not sweating the small stuff, finding encouragement in unexpected places, and learning how to navigate conversations on image-based platforms, you too can find a feeling of support and safety in Kanoa’s world. Kanoa wants you to know that everybody is struggling, and by surrounding yourself with positivity and encouragement, you can show up just as you are.

How are you working to stop comparing yourself to others and start showing up authentically as you are now? Share what you loved most about Kanoa’s energetic, positive and accepting perspective in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Navigating the changes between in-person coaching classes and going online due to Covid-19 (7:41 )
  • How to approach movement with enjoyment even if it is challenging (12:28 )
  • The importance of having a safe place to move your body when your body is not represented often in fitness (15:30 )
  • Why fitness trainers do not have everything worked out and are instead on this journey with you (23:18 )
  • Learn how Kanoa created the worlds first surf event dedicated to supporting plus size women (25:12 )



“There’s not a lot of times you get to see an instructor that looks like me, but also someone who is teaching a class like boot camp or spin or some of these more strength conditioning classes. So my role was really to come in there and make movement accessible and tear down that wall.” (8:23 )

“I want to move for joy but I also want to move with intentionality.” (13:23 )

“If I can show up and help ease that for someone else. If I can create that safe space and she can look at me and say ‘if she can do that hard thing, I can do one little step. If she can take a big old leap, I have the courage and confidence with her to take even a small step’. That’s why it is important for me to show up in as many places as I need too, especially when there is not that representation there.” (16:38 )

“We all have different experiences, we are all different human beings, and as long as you are living your authentic self then you do you boo!” (22:28 )

“No matter what it is that I am doing, its, ‘I am struggling too. I am a hot mess on a lot of those workouts’. I am sweating, I am dying, and I am working too, I am struggling too, and I am in this right alongside with you.” (24:12 )



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Finding Joy & Acceptance in Fitness for Every Body w/ Kanoa Greene

Finding Joy & Acceptance in Fitness for Every Body w/ Kanoa Greene

Steph Gaudreau