DiscoverA Taylored Adventure To HappinessFinding Potency in the Present : Episode 278
Finding Potency in the Present : Episode 278

Finding Potency in the Present : Episode 278

Update: 2021-06-11


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Tuning into your body during this time
  • Making big shifts and getting caught up in doing the work
  • How far you’ve come in your self-development journey
  • The difference between being present or distracted through your breakthroughs 
  • Anchoring in what you learned before moving onto your next goal
  • Why the same lessons and blocks keep popping up in your life
  • Are you getting consumed in the conscious shift we’re in from the 3D to 5D 
  • Fine-tuning how we show up and how we do things
  • Becoming addicted to the modalities of micromanaging our thoughts 
  • Being so present that you don’t have to think about your money mindset or vibrations
  • How to find potency in the present moment in every single thing you do
  • How to start healing yourself and the world around you


In today’s episode, we are talking about the potency of being present in a world where things are being thrown at us to confuse us. Where people are learning a new path, deepening into their truth, having to have real conversations, and making big shifts. This episode is a reminder to your unconscious about becoming present and the power that it holds. We talk about making big shifts, why the same lessons and blocks keep coming up, how we become addicted to micromanaging our thoughts, the importance of going inward, healing ourselves and so much more around the magic we unlock when we get intentional with our now.

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Finding Potency in the Present : Episode 278

Finding Potency in the Present : Episode 278