DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastFinding Self Love Through A Lens w/ Megs Elemans
Finding Self Love Through A Lens w/ Megs Elemans

Finding Self Love Through A Lens w/ Megs Elemans

Update: 2020-07-21


Has your body ever held you back from doing something that you may enjoy? Megs Elemans is a boudoir photographer from Canada who is here today to explore the powerful ability that photography has to help you find more peace with your body.

Small Steps Necessary To Love Your Right Now Body

By honoring women’s bodies and respecting where they are at in their journey, Megs is supporting the process of moving rather than arriving. Even if boudoir is out of your comfort zone, Megs non-judgemental and caring ambiance may convince you to start taking the small steps necessary to love your right now body. 

Everything from body acceptance, tips for decreasing anxiousness in front of the camera, and the stigma Megs received from postpartum images are on the table today as we explore what it means to find a way back to yourself through the art of photography. 

Instead of hiding the parts of yourself, you may not love, Megs is here to empower you to do whatever the hell you want with your body, no matter what size. Are you ready to accept how your body evolves with you over time? Share what you loved most about Megs refreshing and candid approach to self-love and acceptance in the comments section of the episode page.


In This Episode

  • How photography can help you find peace and growth with your current body (11:25 )
  • Tracing back the shame and guilt many women feel around their bodies (18:52 )
  • Addressing our society's obsession with ‘arriving’ rather than the journey (22:45 )
  • The role of motherhood when dealing with unrealistic diet culture standards (28:04 )
  • Tips for anyone who is uncomfortable with the camera and wants to try it again (36:25 )



“I realized that I had stumbled onto something kind of profound here in that there is something incredibly concentrated and powerful in these sessions I do with women where they can step into themselves in this really raw and really quick way.” (8:41 )

“The difference between a lot of other boudoir photographers that I see is that I make no attempt to hide the parts of yourself that you might not like, I don’t use clever lighting or clever poses and I don’t really dabble with photoshop at all, and I pose women in bigger bodies the same way that I pose women in smaller bodies.” (13:43 )

“I toe that line between honoring those things that you don’t like about yourself but also not overtly going out of my way to hide them because I don’t want to reinforce this hate that you have for whatever specific part of your body.” (20:26 )

“I don’t need you to love yourself, there will always be things about yourself that you don’t like, body or personality, that’s not the point. I need you to not let your body stop you from doing things that you like to do or might like to do if you were “10 pounds lighter”.” (24:33 )

“I know that if you have a disgust with what I am doing, that is something that is going on with you, and it has nothing to do with me.” (35:22 )



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Finding Self Love Through A Lens w/ Megs Elemans

Finding Self Love Through A Lens w/ Megs Elemans

Steph Gaudreau