DiscoverMy Perfect FailureFinding The Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans
Finding The Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans

Finding The Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans

Update: 2021-01-09


MPF discussion with Tom Evans 

Finding the Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans

 Tom is passionate about bringing magic into peoples’ lives.

He is an ex-BBC television engineer turned author and meditation guide – and now a novelist and ambient music composer. He is also the host of the wonderful podcast The Zone Show

Since discovering meditation in his mid-40s, he has used this engineering mindset to understand how mindfulness works and how we can use it for real-world applications. So apart from the obvious health benefits, Tom teaches authors how to ‘meditate’ to get inspiration and words for their books. He works with businesses showing them how to tap into light bulb moments on demand. He also teaches how we can change the nature and speed of our thoughts so we can get more done in less time. He hosts a popular podcast called The Zone Show which explores how we get in and stay in the zone.


On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Finding the Magic in Meditation) Tom brings his own unique form of magic to this episode as he reveals all the magic we can gain when we explore Meditation.   Tom also brings to light the many ways we can mediate some of which will be sure to surprise you.  Some of the areas we cover.


·         Discover how you can use Meditation to unlock time.

·         Tom reveals how Meditation can bring us unexpected luck.

·         Meditation is Medication with only positive side effects.

·         Find out how Meditation reduces stress.

·         Tom discusses the practical ways you can Mediate. 


Connect with Tom – Tom’s Website



Tom’s latest book: Soulwaves A Future History

·         Soulwaves | Tom Evans


Tom’s free portfolio on Insight Timer - for those who want to dabble



Tom’s free 21 Day Meditation Re-treat



Tom Evans Twitter

·         Tom Evans (@thebookwright) / Twitter


A few relaxing (eyes open) free meditation and ambient music videos on this page



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Finding The Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans

Finding The Magic In Meditation with Tom Evans

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