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Finding Worship in Your Everyday

Finding Worship in Your Everyday

Update: 2018-09-179


When you look for examples of worship in the Bible, you’ll find everything from songs sung in corporate worship to deep prayers uttered in the midst of hard circumstances. Today, most of us relate worship to attending church and singing songs together. But what if worship is something we can do every day in the seemingly insignificant moments of life?

In today’s episode Meredith and Kaley talk with two special guests: Mack Brock, a worship leader and songwriter, and Joel Muddamalle, the Director of Theology at Proverbs 31 Ministries. You’ll hear both Mack and Joel’s perspective on worship and learn practical ways to worship in your day-to-day life.

Through this conversation on worship, you’ll discover…

  • Breakthrough happens when you bring all of who you are — your hurt, frustration, joy and celebration — to the One who stands above it all.

  • You’ve been called and appointed to a specific assignment on this earth, and the way you live your life is a form of worship.

  • God is in every moment, and every moment can be worshipful if you remember to point your attention back to Him.

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Finding Worship in Your Everyday

Finding Worship in Your Everyday

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