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Finding Your Path With EVOL WALKS

Finding Your Path With EVOL WALKS

Update: 2022-09-14


Australian born musician Leah Martin-Brown is one of those rare success stories for Australian artists abroad.
After receiving interest from a major US label, Leah relocated herself to America early on in her career and through hard work and tenacity managed to form Evol Walks in 2014 and the rest, as they say, is history.
Further success saw Evol Walks sign with Swedish management company Blue Lemon Management, which in turn elevated the bands career even further, culminating in the release of Back Where You Belong earlier this week.
Leah's story is fascinating and rivetting and can be listened to in full below.
"This song I wrote quite a while ago and have been really excited to release it," she smiled. "I co-wrote it with Brian Howes who is a Canadian producer who we worked with on our first album. At the time I was in my first 90 days of sobriety and I was very angry (laughs) I was going through a lot of emotions and figuring out what to do with them so I was really feeling this raw, aggressive kind of skin's too small feeling, and when I was working with Brian I was really pissed off about a few things and he came up with this riff that was sick. I really wanted it to be heavy, but not ultra, ultra heavy. I wanted it to have that old school style where you could tell it was a real guitar being played and you could tell they were real amps. That kind of thing rather than the heavy where you can tell it's been smoothed over - which is still a sick sound - it just at the time wasn't what I was going for."
In the full interview, Leah talks about the film clip to the song, future music, relocating to America from Australia, her career trajectory and how it has flowed and more.








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Finding Your Path With EVOL WALKS

Finding Your Path With EVOL WALKS

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