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Finding Your Way With ZUKO

Finding Your Way With ZUKO

Update: 2021-12-22


Brisbane hardcore outfit Zukø recently took their first steps into the music world with the release of their debut single Roe Ct.
A fierce and uncompromising track, Roe Ct has a sound that far transcends the bands relative youth and inexperience.
It is unrelenting and bruising, a savage indictment on public and sociatal expectations and finding your own path as a young adult.
With the band currently putting the finishing touches to their debut EP, vocalisit Jess Hudson joined HEAVY to chat about the song and forging your path in the metal industry.
"Musically I wanted to convey, - as well as the other songs we have in store - at least lyric wise, I had this idea of being locked in a cycle," he measured, "whether it be with your emotional state or your vices and addictions. But with this song it was more so to do with physically coming back to... I wrote this song a couple of months before we started working on it and I had moved in with my Dad because I had moved up from New South Wales. I don't have a really good releationship with either of my parents, but it's about the impact that the male figures in my life have made on me. I only recently started to figure out what effect that had had on me personally and shaped me as a person."
In the full interview Jess delves deeper into the meaning behind Roe Ct, why the band chose it as the song to introduce them to the world, the upcoming EP, what musical direction the rest of the songs take, the thought process that goes into your first body of music and more.








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Finding Your Way With ZUKO

Finding Your Way With ZUKO

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