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Finding the Right Opportunities

Finding the Right Opportunities

Update: 2021-12-21


Can you train yourself to see opportunities you might have missed? Do your characteristics shape the life around you? The answer to both is yes. In this episode of the Logic and Life Coaching podcast, Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi talks about how your inner characteristics shape your outward environment. Welcome to the logic and life coaching podcast, episode 70.

0:00 Introduction 

0:52 Do People Often Miss Opportunities? 

2:16 Train Yourself To Better See Opportunities 

3:25 Do You Create Your Own Environment? 

5:52 Can You Run Away From Your Problems? 

8:02 If All My Coworkers Don't Like Me, Should I Switch Jobs?


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The Leadership Society of Arizona is a nonprofit organization that teaches life lessons for teenagers, young adults, parents, and teachers. All videos come from in-person lectures, workshops, and coaching sessions with LSA researchers and teachers. Our programs are designed to teach students how to find motivation in life. We offer personal development lessons, free leadership courses, and leadership motivational videos. We teach young adults how to have the happiest life possible and we teach parents how to motivate teenagers. We answer the most important question for teenagers, "What to do with my life after high school?"

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Leadership Society of Arizona's logic and leadership methodology is based on 28 years of business management research which commenced at US News’ Most Innovative University, Arizona State.  This model has been developed through 2,000+ global projects valued at over $6.6 Billion. LSA has adjusted this model for teens, parents, and teachers. We have supported over 2,300 students in the past 7 years.


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Finding the Right Opportunities

Finding the Right Opportunities

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