DiscoverMom SLOW DOWN!Finding your 'Fit' with Taylor Walker Sinning
Finding your 'Fit' with Taylor Walker Sinning

Finding your 'Fit' with Taylor Walker Sinning

Update: 2022-01-04


As we welcome a new year, you might find yourself doing an audit of the things you rocked in 2021, and the things you didn’t quite get to. Fitness is bound to fall somewhere on that list. Here today to chat all things movement and health is Taylor Walker Sinning, global fitness icon, certified personal trainer, holistic health coach and fitness model, who sees ‘fit’ as more than just fitness, but also being able to fit nutrition, self-care and wellness practices into the mom-wife-career equation in a realistic way. You’ll hear her thoughts on New Year’s resolutions and goals, what it was like for her to be a 9th Grade PE teacher, and why she believes educators hold so much power. We talk about living in the stream, and how putting off moving your energy leaves us pouring from an empty cup. Taylor reveals to us that she believes there is no single answer to movement during pregnancy and gets real honest about her relationship with fitness throughout her two pregnancies. We explore the power of movement to resolve pelvic floor issues post partum, and she reassures listeners with budget constraints that just a few sessions can make a huge difference, if you’re not able to invest in more. With plenty of wellness tips and helpful insights, today’s episode is well worth a listen. We hope you join us! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Taylor Walker Sinning, fitness icon, personal trainer, coach, and model.
  • Taylor weighs in on New Year’s resolutions and tells us why she advocates for the ‘reset button’, and encourages listeners to set realistic goals.
  • How putting off moving our energy leaves us pouring from an empty cup.
  • The importance of a daily check-in, to ask yourself what it is that you need.
  • What it was like to move during her two pregnancies and how they differed from each other.
  • Why she doesn’t believe there is any one answer to movement during pregnancy.
  • Her opinion that modern women are trying to do everything yet are very hard on themselves.
  • What she believes about breathwork and the parasympathetic zone: it is the cornerstone for motherhood, fitness, and especially prenatal fitness.
  • The power of movement to resolve postnatal problems in the pelvic floor.
  • Taylor recommends seeking postpartum therapy after birth to assess what is needed.
  • Why doing just a few sessions with a trainer can be beneficial if you can’t afford more.
  • How postpartum training differed for her between births and what she learned.
  • The postnatal training that Taylor has in the works to roll out on her app. 
  • Why she wants to continue the messaging of moving your body in a way that feels good for you, to have a better delivery and a happy, healthy postpartum experience.
  • Her wellness tips for pre- and postnatal moms: fill up your cup whenever you can, schedule time for yourself, whether it’s a walk outside or a podcast, ask for help and
  • The change that your relationship goes through and the importance of asking for help.
  • Why continued dialogue is so important.s

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Finding your 'Fit' with Taylor Walker Sinning

Finding your 'Fit' with Taylor Walker Sinning

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