DiscoverThe Midlife StationFinding your Dream Job with Nimrata Kapoor:TMS09
Finding your Dream Job with Nimrata Kapoor:TMS09

Finding your Dream Job with Nimrata Kapoor:TMS09

Update: 2020-11-07


Are you struggling to get that interview call? Do you feel you are at cross roads? Is your career plan past it's expiration date?

Meet Nimrata, the force behind NimTalkingTalent, a boutique career coaching and people advisory firm which provides world class Resume, LinkedIn, Career Coaching, Interview Coaching and Organization Design and Career Model interventions.

On a career break after a long journey in HR post XLRI which saw her leading HR, L&D and Leadership Development agendas for leading firms, her moment of epiphany was when she realized that people often failed to project their stories or were struggling to script the next page in their stories.

Helping individuals understand their true north, craft winning propositions and welding the power of human performance with organization design are her forte.

Key Points we discussed:

•Key aspects anyone should posses for career progression
•Building world class resume & Importance of cover letter and executive Bio
•Powerful Networking technique for Job search
•Interview preparation and Importance of Mock interview
•How to do Interview Follow up

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Time Stamps:

00:14 - Nimrata passion discovery for HR
03:38 - Top 3 key aspects that are overlooked by professionals when it comes to career progression
09:16 - Common pitfalls one tends to miss while preparing an impactful resume
16:01 - Is it important that resume aligns with the company's vision
17:58 - How do keyword and ATS work
19:38 - Tips on making resume stand out wrto format etc
21:34 - Does the length of the resume matter?
24:06 - Difference between cover letter and executive bio
28:16 - Steps one can take for job search once we have an impactful resume
36:32 - Tips on pre-interview preparation like mock interviews?
44:05 - Common pitfalls to avoid when it comes to body language for video interviews
45:14 - What kind of questions to ask an interviewer
46:50 - Follow up technique one can adopt post the interview
49:20 - Quickfire segment

Key Takeaways

•For career progression you should continuously focus and plan on filling out any knowledge gap that may come along your way, work on getting better at the art of persuasion & develop that strong urge and ambition that shakes yourself out of the comfort zone.

•Recruiter looks at your resume for max 6 to 8 secs, so keep it to max 2 pages and ensure the hot zone is covered that includes name, title or target title, summary , your top achievements and Your unique selling proposition

•Networking is key element to any job search . To develop effective network, Shortlist your friends & colleagues - pick up the phone , call them up and ask them to provide at least 2 contacts who can help you here. Be persistent with this approach for 30-40 days and soon you would have a solid connection of 200+ people whom you could bank on for your job search








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Finding your Dream Job with Nimrata Kapoor:TMS09

Finding your Dream Job with Nimrata Kapoor:TMS09

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