DiscoverPOWER to Live More with Jo DoddsFirdaus Kharas : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power
Firdaus Kharas : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

Firdaus Kharas : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

Update: 2023-02-17


Firdaus Kharas

Firdaus Kharas is a renowned social innovator, speaker, humanitarian, and founder of Chocolate Moose Media.

Since 1995, he has been using his background in international issues to create communications and use media to better the human condition. His work has been seen in 198 countries by over 1 billion people.

He was named one of the World’s 50 Most Talented Social Innovators and has received many awards, including the prestigious Peabody Award.

His latest book, Creativity: The Key to a Remarkable Life, aims to help people unlock their inner creative power to change their lives.  

Today, Firdaus shares his journey and how he uses education to help promote change.

He reveals how humour has made his work successful and why communication should be aimed at the individual to be effective.

He shares what creativity is and how you can use it to keep moving forward, especially in challenging times.

He reveals how everyone can tap into their creative side and how the pandemic has enabled more of this in the way we live and do business.

He also shares why you need to embrace failure, how he uses creative thinking in his everyday life and how it helps him deal with days when things don’t go as planned.

“Creativity is not a product; you can’t actually see creativity. You can see the result of creativity in a product.”

Firdaus Kharas

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The journey that led Firdaus to become a social innovator

  • Why Firdaus chose education and creativity to help others

  • How Firdaus has found humour useful in his creations to promote change

  • Why it’s important to talk to one person instead of aiming at a broad audience in your marketing

  • What is creativity and how you can apply it to your business

  • How creative thinking is an individual process

  • The positive impact COVID-19 has had on business processes

  • Why a unique approach to communication is essential

  • How you can discover what people want so you can tailor your communication

  • How you can encourage creativity and keep moving forward

  • Examples of how we are all individuals and creative thinkers

  • How the pandemic has enabled creative thinking in the way we do business

  • Why you need to embrace failure

  • How Firdaus uses creative thinking in his business and everyday life

  • How Firdaus uses his creativity to deal with days when things go wrong

Connect with Firdaus Kharas:

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Firdaus Kharas : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

Firdaus Kharas : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

Jo Dodds