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Fireworks on Fox Last Night  (Ep 1155)

Fireworks on Fox Last Night (Ep 1155)

Update: 2020-01-1016


In this episode, I address the explosive debate last night on Fox over President Trump’s Iran policy. I also address the Democrats consistently being on the wrong side of America in this critical time. Finally, I address some outrageous comments by CNN in their defamation case and the failures of liberalism multiplying across the country.

News Picks:
My debate with Geraldo got heated last night.


Chronic TDS patients blame Trump for Iranian crimes.


Why are the Democrats acting as lawyers for the Iranians


Troubling new allegations emerge in the Spygate scandal.


What exactly was Stefan Halper up to? 


Media lawyer explains why CNN settling the lawsuit against them is a big deal. 


Study shows that the worst run states are run by Democrats.


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Az Cuda

I loved it when Dan told Geraldo to pull his head out of his butt. Geraldo is a fking slimeball.

Jan 11th
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I am tired of hearing all these dems crying over a terrorist. He killed 608 of our that's AMERICAN Soldiers, and who knows how many other were wounded, and other civilians. He was a legitimate Military target. He was a General in charge of special ops forces in a Combat zone. I didn't Hear anyone shinning over Obama killing Al awalaki, how ever you spell his name. And he was a civilian a preacher. I don't care, both were instructmental to killing AMERICANS. I am a 21 years retired U.S. Army (5 combat tours) veteran and 26 year retired Police Officer. I have lost several friends in combat, on the streets and in the WTC, go ask their families if they are upset if these 2 terrorist are dead. God Bless the U.S.A.

Jan 10th
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Fireworks on Fox Last Night  (Ep 1155)

Fireworks on Fox Last Night (Ep 1155)

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