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Fixing America Through Uncomfortable Conversations | BYRON DAVIS

Fixing America Through Uncomfortable Conversations | BYRON DAVIS

Update: 2020-07-281


Civil discourse is a skillset that seems to be in increasingly rare supply but if we have any hope of solving our toughest challenges, it’s going to require men of all races, religious beliefs, and sides of the political aisle to come together to have these challenging discussions.

And, that’s why I’ve really been looking forward to getting my conversation with Byron Davis to you guys. I knew that we wouldn’t agree on everything we discussed but I was pleasantly surprised that we were significantly closer than those who prey on the outraged would have the population believe.

We talk about the importance of the crucial conversations, why and how our egos get in the way, what “dismantling the system” means, the “bait and switch” of the BLM organization’s messaging, cancel culture, and the proper role of government in our lives.


  • A lack of maturity
  • Challenging your ego
  • Demanding more of yourself
  • Police tactics
  • Dysfunction in the system
  • Cultivating a community
  • Perpetuating a problem
  • Investing financial resources
  • Creating virtual fathers
  • Impacting the world
  • Moving the needle
  • Counteracting the bad apples
  • Calling out bad cops
  • Globalizing our economy
  • Addressing systemic issues
  • Confusing the narrative
  • Abdicating certain freedoms
  • Stewarding your family
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Operating at your best
  • Speaking truths


I’m honored to introduce you to my guest today.

His name is Byron Davis and through his ministry, Legacy Men, his goal is to equip and empower men of all walks of life to be the difference within the world around them.

Byron and I hadn’t ever had a conversation before this so I didn’t know a whole lot about him and his work prior to our conversation but I was so impressed with his knowledge, articulate thoughts on some of the most difficult topics we can discuss, and his genuine desire to lead from the front.

He’s a former USA National Swim team member and American record holder. Now, he’s a speaker, author, and the founder of Authority Labs which helps leaders master their message and increase their influence.


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Fixing America Through Uncomfortable Conversations | BYRON DAVIS

Fixing America Through Uncomfortable Conversations | BYRON DAVIS