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Flipping Beautiful with Kelly Falardeau

Flipping Beautiful with Kelly Falardeau

Update: 2021-11-10


At the age of two, a single spark from a fire was all it took to change Kelly Falardeau’s life forever. With 75% of her body burned, Kelly adjusted to life as a burn survivor, but those scars had a massive effect on her self-esteem growing up. She decided to use her near-death experience, and the scars it left, to help people recognize that beauty is more than just the outer layers of skin – it comes from within.

Kelly’s passion for sharing this message led her to a distinctive career in public speaking. Her many accolades include being on the TEDx stage twice, and being honoured as Fierce Woman of the Year. Her life story, titled "Still Beautiful" has even been launched on TV, and a video of her featured on Goalcast has reached almost 10 million views.

When the pandemic hit, Kelly quickly pivoted. Did I mention she is also a 7-times International Best-Selling Author? Now she's a full-time Amazon Best-Selling Strategist, coaching people to share their own messages with the world. Even with this career pivot, the accolades are still rolling in. On Christmas Day 2020, Global TV named Kelly one of the "Most Inspirational People of 2020". Yet, she still lists one of her greatest achievements as her three beautiful children.

In this episode:
1. A spark from the fire (Intro).
2. The “scarface” drawing (4:12 ).
3. Marriage and children the joys and the sorrows (11:20 ).
4. Redefining Kelly (17:43 ).
5. The fragility of self-esteem (24:28 ).
6. How to feel beautiful (29:23 ).
7. Helping others write their stories (35:25 ).
8. There is no magical switch (37:52 ).
9. Flipping the triggers (42:35 ).
10. Developing a perseverance toolkit (48:33 ).

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Flipping Beautiful with Kelly Falardeau

Flipping Beautiful with Kelly Falardeau

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