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Following No-One With IBVS

Following No-One With IBVS

Update: 2022-05-12


Every so often a band comes along that almost seems too cool for school.
Bands with a laid back, almost flippant attitude and enough nonchalance to almost make them sound French.
Of course, most bands that come across like that generally get caught up in their own self importance and soon fall by the wayside but every so often you come across an outfit that really is just one of the cool kids, but maybe lost in the wrong postcode.
Emerging Gold Coast prog – core (for want of a better analogy) IBVS are that band for this generation.
Fuck, they are too cool even to bother with vowels in their name.
But don’t let that fool you, because these three musical enigmas most certainly can count and spell and stuff. So much so that hearing them play their instruments is similar to learning your twelve times tables in pre-school – highly rewarding but hard as fuck!
Blending almost every form of music you can think of (all the cool ones anyway), IBVS have arrived without telling anyone they were even coming. And the local music scene is all the better off for it.
Drawing inspiration from bands such as Between The Buried and Me, Arcane Roots, A Perfect
Circle, A Wilhelm Scream, Cog, Karnivool, Periphery and All That Remains, IBVS set themselves
the ethos of creating art that pushes the boundaries of their song writing and playing abilities,
whilst still remaining accessible to the listener, but most importantly, to have fun. And at the very
core it, this is what IBVS truly is about, mates having fun with music.
Fresh from releasing their debut single Follow The Gaijin, and the promise of more to come with an as yet unreleased debut EP, IBVS are a name sure to remain on your lips long after your initial introduction, with the band sitting down for a chat with HEAVY’s Jimmy Glinster to allow us greater insight into the where’s, why’s and how’s.








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Following No-One With IBVS

Following No-One With IBVS

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