Food is Fuel Update: Fasting, Microbiome, Gut Health

Food is Fuel Update: Fasting, Microbiome, Gut Health

Update: 2021-08-27


Freedom from Food? Is there such a thing? Slayer updates us on her journey with food in this episode as she continues to build a life of freedom, including food. Learn some about fasting and the microbiome and gut health and how these can help us live longer, healthier lives--free from control of food. Pick up some tips and inspiration on your own journey and listen to some of the links below to help build your bed of knowledge as you start to test what works for your path.

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Fasting  Videos to add to or start your knowledge vault
This is our new favorite video (this guy is hilarious)
Dr. Pradip Jamnadas "Fasting for Survival" lecture
(at about 1:07 he talks about how to prepare for your fast)

This is a great one too by Dr. Jason Fung (author of the Obesity Code, which is excellent)
This is funny and packed full of information
Dr. Jason Fung: Fasting as a Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss

Mentioned in this episode about our body thermometers (short video)
Weight Loss (Controlling Body Set Weight) | Jason Fung

Gut Health Research
Bullet Proof Radio Podcast #612 Naveen Jain "Your Microbiome May be Misbehaving"

TedxESADE with Scott Sundvor "The Microbiome, Technology and the Future of Health" (short video)

Dave Asprey "How to optimize your gut and brain Bacteria" from Big Think (short video)


Fast This Way: How to Lose Weight, Get Smarter, and Live Your Longest, Healthiest Life with the Bulletproof Guide to Fasting (Bulletproof, 6)
Dave Asprey

The Obesity Code - Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss (Book 1)
Dr. Jason Fung

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Food is Fuel Update: Fasting, Microbiome, Gut Health

Food is Fuel Update: Fasting, Microbiome, Gut Health