DiscoverZOE Science & NutritionFoods for every decade of life with Dr. Federica Amati
Foods for every decade of life with Dr. Federica Amati

Foods for every decade of life with Dr. Federica Amati

Update: 2024-04-251


Did you know that even at age 70, with the right nutrition, you could potentially extend your life by 6 years?

In today’s episode, we learn that it's never too late to change your diet for the better. Dr. Federica Amati, ZOE’s Head Nutritionist, dives into the unique nutrition needs at every life stage.

From the golden windows of opportunity that can transform your health, to practical food recommendations for adolescence, adulthood and beyond, Dr. Amati gives tips to enhance your wellbeing.

Dr. Federica Amati is a researcher at King’s College London and registered nutritionist. She is also lecturer and Nutrition Topic Lead at Imperial College School of Medicine. Federica empowers people with accessible, practical knowledge to make informed choices on diet and lifestyle and to improve health based on unique needs and preferences, at every stage of life.

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00:00 Introduction

01:17 Quickfire questions

03:32  The first window of opportunity is before you are born

06:04 It takes two to tango: equal roles in conception

07:25 The science behind sperm health and diet

09:10 What is life course nutrition?

10:35 Why generic nutrition advice isn't enough

13:00 Critical changes in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy

16:25 Nutritional needs in the second trimester of pregnancy

17:20 Preventing allergies during pregnancy

20:30 Nutrition in childhood and adolescence

21:00 The importance of a diverse diet for teenagers

22:57 Children learn to eat from us: exposure is key

25:10 The impact of ultra-processed foods on teenagers

27:40 Do you need to eat meat to grow well?

32:55 Lifestyle choices in your 30s affect long-term health

36:00 Longevity supplement myths

37:40 Gut microbiome changes in adulthood

43:28 How to extend your lifespan through diet at any age

46:05 Preparing for healthy aging and avoiding 'Sniper Alley'

50:10 How to eat right in your 70s and beyond

54:22 Protein needs as you age

56:30 Becoming a ZOE member is like having a nutritionist in your pocket!

59:20 Summary

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Foods for every decade of life with Dr. Federica Amati

Foods for every decade of life with Dr. Federica Amati