DiscoverBeyond 6 SecondsFragile X and ADHD – with Sarah Brown
Fragile X and ADHD – with Sarah Brown

Fragile X and ADHD – with Sarah Brown

Update: 2023-06-12


Sarah Brown is a New York City based podcast producer and editor. She has worked on shows such as Minority Korner, Get on Up, #Matter and Fixing the Future. She also produces her own show called The Queerience, which is a podcast all about the LGBTQIA+ community. Sarah has a genetic condition called Fragile X syndrome that manifests in her as ADHD.

On this episode, Sarah talks about: 

  • What Fragile X syndrome is, and what it was like for her growing up with Fragile X and ADHD
  • Her podcasting work, and the types of topics and guests she has on her podcast, The Queerience
  • How she uses routines and other strategies to manage her life with ADHD
  • How neurodiversity has helped her understand herself more, and find communities of people with similar experiences

Follow Sarah and her podcast, The Queerience, on Instagram at @sbrownsays and @thequeeriencepodcast and on Twitter @thequeerience.

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Fragile X and ADHD – with Sarah Brown

Fragile X and ADHD – with Sarah Brown

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