DiscoverWho Ya Know ShowBound For Blood w/ Frank "The Legend" Shamrock | Part 2
Bound For Blood w/ Frank "The Legend" Shamrock | Part 2

Bound For Blood w/ Frank "The Legend" Shamrock | Part 2

Update: 2022-02-17


Frank "The Legend" Shamrock became a ward of the state at age 12, a prison inmate at 18 & by 22, his name was known around the world as a champion. Frank is many things: visionary entrepreneur, ex-con, author, star athlete, a survivor of childhood abuse, international speaker, husband, dad and is best known for his humor, compassion & ability to use cage fighting techniques to create trust & unwavering focus.

What you will learn:

- Frank’s contracts with UFC
- His plans after becoming the champion
- What excites Frank at this point
- How Martial Arts saved Frank’s life
- Frank’s nationwide program for veterans: Vet Basel
- How to teach someone who doesn’t want to learn
- The Morning Man Greens
- Frank’s strategy for success

Mic Drop Moments:

🎤Frank at (02:57 ) - I was telling people my dreams and telling people my passions. And one of them was my fiance's dad. When I told him, he was like, “Oh, there are only a few people in the world that have done what you’re trying to do.”

🎤Trevor at (03:44 ) - You didn’t know what you didn’t know. But you were telling people your vision.

🎤Frank at (07:25 ) - My job was to convince America that cage fighting was a good idea.

🎤Frank at (10:05 ) - It is an outreach to veterans. Because they are just like me. They go through this war, they go through this journey, they go through this specialized community and when it's over they just don't know what to do. Don't know what their values and purpose are anymore. And so they begin to isolate, they begin to medicate, and eventually, we lose some.

🎤Frank at (11:00 ) - We need volunteers. We are volunteer-driven. So, anybody who wants to volunteer, you could hit me up at, and then I do have a job opportunity.

🎤Frank at (25:52 ) - However irrational it seemed, that passion, that purpose, that preparedness, is what made me successful. And that came because I went, “this is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna write it down. I’m gonna find out how to do it. I’m gonna talk about it. And then I’m going to make it happen, regardless of what the results are.”

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Bound For Blood w/ Frank "The Legend" Shamrock | Part 2

Bound For Blood w/ Frank "The Legend" Shamrock | Part 2

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