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Freddy Spaghetti (S2E24)

Freddy Spaghetti (S2E24)

Update: 2022-04-052


It's the end of Season 2, but just the beginning of the podcast now that RoLo is on the screen! Today Alan Yang and Rob Lowe discuss the season 2 finale of Parks and Recreation. In "Freddy Spaghetti" Leslie tries to skirt the rules to hold a children's concert in the vacant lot. In this episode you'll hear why you never see the inside of Ann's house, how Chris came into his own character, a writer's horror story from Producer Greg, and a little gift from Mark Rivers. Got a question for the Pawnee Town Hall? Send us an email: Or leave a 30-Second voicemail at: (310) 893-6992


The Pawnee government has been shut down due to a budget crisis. When Leslie explains at a town hall that a family concert featuring children's entertainer Freddy Spaghetti (Brian McCann) must be cancelled due to the shutdown, the citizens are outraged. Leslie visits state auditors Chris and Ben seeking a way to keep the concert, but Ben insists there is simply no money for it. Leslie then goes to Mark to vent about her situation and seek help, only to learn that he has taken a buyout and plans to join a construction company. Frustrated, Leslie angrily calls him "Mark Brendana-Quits". 

Meanwhile, Ann struggles with her newfound feelings for Andy and April and Andy finally reveal their feelings to each other. April rejects Andy, believing Andy still has feelings for Ann.

Back at the Parks Dept. Ron has been assigned to a task force to help fix the city's budget problem. A Libertarian, Ron is delighted at the prospect of deep municipal cuts, gloating and chanting at the cuts Chris and Ben propose, but when he learns the auditors plan to fire Leslie, Ron refuses and offers his job instead. In explaining her dedication, Ron accidentally alerts them about the Freddy Spaghetti concert. 

Chris and Ben go to Lot 48 to to shut the concert down and Leslie explains everything has been donated and nothing is on the taxpayer's dime. Leslie then learns Freddy Spaghetti has booked another gig and the concert seems once again in a state of peril. Leslie asks Andy to play instead, but he is hit by a car while driving his new motorcycle home to retrieve his guitar, breaking his right arm.

Attending to Andy in the hospital, Ann suddenly kisses him, but immediately stops and guiltily walks out. Later, April, visits Andy in the hospital and relieved to see Andy is fine, finally agrees to go out with him and kisses Andy. In an effort to be upfront and honest, Andy admits that Ann has also just kissed him, but that it meant nothing. April angrily storms out, taking back her decision to go out with him. 

Back at Lot 48, Freddy Spaghetti surprisingly arrives, having been paid by Ben to perform at Leslie's concert. Ben explains he is not a bad person, but the budget still has to be slashed.

That night, Leslie sits on a bench in Lot 48 and Mark joins her. Mark tells her that if more people like her worked in local government, he wouldn't be leaving, and gives her plans he drew up for a park at Lot 48 before giving her a goodbye kiss on the cheek and walking away forever.

The next day, Ron withdraws from the budget task force and appoints Leslie in his place. As Tom and his new girlfriend Lucy (Natalie Morales) are clearing out his office, he notices Ron is wearing a red shirt and black pants, the "Tiger Woods" outfit he always wears the day after having sex. Tom's ex-wife Wendy then appears and kisses Ron and the two leave together, shocking Tom.

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Freddy Spaghetti (S2E24)

Freddy Spaghetti (S2E24)

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