Free Advice from the Expert - Leaf411

Free Advice from the Expert - Leaf411

Update: 2020-04-26


Join us for our chat with Katherine Golden - RN and CEO of Leaf 411.  We loved her take on cannabis and Covid - she helps us cut through the claims and get to the facts. 

Leaf411™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operating a FREE cannabis-trained nurse hotline. Our mission is to provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis (marijuana & hemp). Our team of cannabis trained nurses are passionate about helping our community access balanced education about their legal cannabis use while also improving public perception of the cannabis industry.

Everyone has questions about cannabis. Are hemp and marijuana the same thing? Will CBD get me high? Do I have to smoke it? Do I have to get high to get the benefits? Where do I even begin?

For many people, it can be hard to find specific answers in the abundance of cannabis information out there. Getting educated on cannabis is like learning a new language, it’s always easiest to learn with the help of someone already fluent (ideally a medical professional). Leaf411 allows you to take the guesswork out by speaking to a cannabis trained nurse.

Leaf411™ believes that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to legal cannabis use. We live in a world where many people use the internet to self-diagnose and treat themselves, especially when it comes to cannabis medicine. Leaf411’s cannabis nurse hotline is a FREE resource for people to call and speak directly to a medical professional that can point them in the right direction.

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Free Advice from the Expert - Leaf411

Free Advice from the Expert - Leaf411

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