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Friday Fix ''Niching'' Your Product or Service Ep 20

Friday Fix ''Niching'' Your Product or Service Ep 20

Update: 2021-08-06


This is our bonus episode, where we speak to one of our In Business networking members or another business owner on a particular subject in their area of expertise. Each week we ask our expert to focus on a particular topic, giving us their thoughts, ideas, tips and advice.
This week we have Nicola Macdonald of Attractive Marketing  and she will be talking to us about ''Niching'' your product or service

Nicola Macdonald has been helping solo business owners gain a flow of clients they love to work with, since she formed Attractive Marketing in 2011.
She works with consultants, coaches, experts and freelancers who are brilliant at what they do but, having left the corporate world, they soon realise they need to learn new marketing skills if they want to succeed.
She walks the talk when it comes to her own marketing and that's why the marketing strategies and marketing activities, she teaches in Marketing-Action-Profits are tried, tested and produce results for the solo business owners who join the online programme.
With previous commercial board level experience within a small business and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Nicola is a "safe pair of hands" and described as "professional, knowledgeable, informative, caring and supportive".
What you will learn today are Nicola's thoughts and tips on the following:

  • The meaning of ''Niching''
  • The importance of thinking about niching.
  • Problems that can occur by not niching.
  • Benefits of niching
  • Nicola's favourite networking tip

And much more besides.

You can connect with Nicola on LinkedIn, email  or via her website I'm sure she'd love to connect with you.
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Friday Fix ''Niching'' Your Product or Service Ep 20

Friday Fix ''Niching'' Your Product or Service Ep 20

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