DiscoverHarford County Living with Rich BennettFrom Broken to Beautiful a Supernatural Rescue
From Broken to Beautiful a Supernatural Rescue

From Broken to Beautiful a Supernatural Rescue

Update: 2020-11-02


On this episode of Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios, Rich speaks with Dr. Linda S. Plunkett, Inspirational Speaker and Author of Supernatural Rescue: From Broken to Beautiful.

Learn how Dr. Plunkett discovered that she had a brain tumor and refused to listen to doctors that told her there was nothing they could do. After successfully removing the tumor, she went on to compete in Ballroom Dancing and something else affected her life. This is a truly inspirational story to hear and read.

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Transcription after Intro:

Richard Bennett  0:00  
I'd like to welcome everybody to Harford County Living with Rich Bennett Today I have a another special guest on. And her story is very interesting, also an inspirational speaker. And I haven't read her book yet, but just reading the back of it. I'm already I already know I'm going to but I, you know, I want her to tell her story to everybody. And we have Dr. Linda Plunkett, and the name of the book is supernatural rescue from broken to beautiful, and just, well, I like self help books. And I like to read books about, you know, true stories. One of my favorites was don't have you ever heard the book Tuesdays with maurey. But that was one of my favorite books. And it helped me through a hard time when my mother was battling cancer. And it actually helped

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From Broken to Beautiful a Supernatural Rescue

From Broken to Beautiful a Supernatural Rescue