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From Darkness Comes Light With HEISTS

From Darkness Comes Light With HEISTS

Update: 2022-05-12


Sydney post hardcore outfit HEISTS epitomize the working spirit of the typical Australian.
With a firm DIY ethos the band hit the ground running and full of momentum with their first two singles Outrage and Revenant, laying the platform for debut EP Disquiet and announcing the band as something special on the local market.
Wasting little time, Heists have recently released their debut album, Troubled Souls, plus announced an Australian tour as main support to DREGG, further cementing their growing reputation.
Vocalist Chris Zagas and bass player Sean Nevin joined HEAVY to discuss a fruitful start to 2022 for Heists.
"Our sound... we don't really try to stick to one kind of thing,” Zagas measured. “From start to finish, it will start heavy, then there's a melodic section smack in the middle, then we have a song that pays to all the bands we used to froth for, and that's about it."
"It was definitely a combination of the influences that we were listening to at the time,” Nevin added. “There was a phase when we were writing the record where we were like, the albums not riffy enough! And then we had these soft, melodic songs, and we said six months before that we had written a lot of riffy songs so why not smash them all together? I suppose that's Troubled Souls musically."
In the full interview, the boys dive deeper into Troubled Souls, discuss the underlying theme, talk about developing their sound, give more details on the upcoming tour with Dregg and more.








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From Darkness Comes Light With HEISTS

From Darkness Comes Light With HEISTS

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