DiscoverA New DirectionFrom Shipping Clerk to CEO – Ted Clark
From Shipping Clerk to CEO – Ted Clark

From Shipping Clerk to CEO – Ted Clark

Update: 2022-08-10


Ted Clark | Author - From Shipping Clerk to CEO - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWho doesn’t like a really great underdog story? We all do! And former CEO of PRC-Desoto Ted Clark inspires us with his story on this episode of A New Direction. No MBA.  In fact, Ted did not have a degree.  As his story goes at 19 he started as a “shipping clerk”…and in 22 years he worked his way up to becoming the CEO and President of a major corporation.  Then he did it again, and then he started his own corporation and grew into a global publicly traded company! How? you may ask. And that is the power of Ted’s story. His will, his curiosity, his perseverance, and more. He provides you with the practical tools that literally any one of us can do, if you are willing to do them. And the fact is the only person who is stopping you from doing them right now…is YOU! From knowing your “WHY” to “Leading with Purpose”, Ted delivers an inspiring message for us all.

Shipping Clerk to CEO: The Power of Curiosity, Will and Self ...Ted Clark‘s book “Shipping Clerk to CEO: The Power of Curiosity, Will and Self Directed Learning”  Is a powerful, practical bluprint for success at any level in any business.  Ted Clark delivers an inspiring message with his practical steps that if you will take the initiative, create some better habits, and have a desire to aspire and achieve you will move up in whatever company you are in, from whatever position you are in.  The book is not a long read, but it is filled with so much powerful and useful information, that it is perfect for the high school student to the late in life person ready to make a career change.  “Shipping Cleark to CEO” by Ted Clark is a must read in my opinion.

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From Shipping Clerk to CEO – Ted Clark

From Shipping Clerk to CEO – Ted Clark

Jay Izso