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From Woke to Awake - Inside the Mind of Dave Rubin

From Woke to Awake - Inside the Mind of Dave Rubin

Update: 2020-04-288


On this episode we dive right into the mind of Dave Rubin. How did Dave evolve from being a “woke” leftist to a free thinking defender of individual rights and limited government? What’s the difference between old school liberals and the progressive left that dominates the Democratic Party today? From starting out as a comedian struggling to make it in New York City, to the epiphany he had about the far left and outrage culture while working with the Young Turks, and now as the host of The Rubin Report and author of “Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in the Age of Unreason” - Dave has developed deep, fascinating insights into the motivations of the far left and their governing principles - or lack thereof.

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Hayley Bowden

I believe these talks or "debates" are good there needs to be a middle ground from both sides. Being pro-life I still understand the need for compromise. I actually love talking to my friends and showing that I'm open-minded and willing to civilly talk about different problems. I think that helps show that most of the conservative minds are not about "I'm right and you're wrong". Where there is a problem, at least in my mind, is seeing the left being willing to give up freedom for more government. Political correctness has made this country to tear each other apart. By trying to include everyone it's actually creating more division. I believe we are all humans and we all have opportunities to make our lives better for ourselves, or our family. I know hardships happen, I've had my fair share, but getting up and pushing forward makes the reward so much better. I agree with both of you on this podcast there needs to be more responsibility put on the individual! It was great listening to you guys talk. Love hearing your points Mr. Crenshaw! Bless the Lone Star State! ❤️🤍💙

Apr 30th
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From Woke to Awake - Inside the Mind of Dave Rubin

From Woke to Awake - Inside the Mind of Dave Rubin