DiscoverBeat Studies PodcastFrom the A to LA with Ozy Reigns
From the A to LA with Ozy Reigns

From the A to LA with Ozy Reigns

Update: 2018-04-09


When a young and inspired Ozy Reigns visited Atlanta from Columbia, South Carolina, he was walking through the mall with his fiend and former rap partner, Tweet. That day they were star struck as they ran into Outkast, Ice Tea, and Tracey Lee. “I’m moving to Atlanta!”, He said to himself and two years later found him self at Clark Atlanta University. It was there at the student center during a open mic event hosted by D.R.E.S. The Beatnik, that he slid his way into the emerging underground scene in the wake of BINKIS RECS and Dungeon Family. He has emerged as a prolific and influential artist who has been honing his craft over the past two decades. Now a resident of Los Angeles, and gradually breaking into the film acting business, Ozy reflects on the people that have inspired him either by collaboration, competition, or straight up admiration. His latest release “Sunborn”, includes some of Atlanta’s finest producers providing the bed for this wise yet funky songwriter to lay out his thought provoking rhymes and melodies. Codafied Muzik was very prevalent on this LP from the production side sits in and joins Ozy and I for a casual yet personal discussion about hip-hop, youth, work ethic, loss, artistry, and so much more.

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From the A to LA with Ozy Reigns

From the A to LA with Ozy Reigns

Ozy Reigns