DiscoverUnf*cking The RepublicFuck U, PragerU: The Internet’s Fake Toxic University
Fuck U, PragerU: The Internet’s Fake Toxic University

Fuck U, PragerU: The Internet’s Fake Toxic University

Update: 2022-07-02


For years, the propagandists with the greatest visibility in the United States were on television; the ones who contributed most to the “manufacture of consent.” Think Fox News. And we’ve covered many of the dark, hidden figures looming in the background churning out the ideas that make it into the mainstream and out of Tucker Carlson’s mouth. Uncle Milton, James Buchanan, Lewis Powell, The Koch Brothers, Robert Mercer, Peter Thiel and the myriad think tanks like Mercatus, Cato and Heritage. Today we cover another contributor to the perverted right wing ecosystem: Prager University and its folksy, baritone, asshole patriarch, Dennis Prager.


Intro: 00:00:51

Chapter One: The sort of Jews but not actual Jews behind the hateful, spiteful, very awful no good university that isn’t a real university: 00:05:20

Chapter Two: Dennis the menace to society: 00:15:14

Coffee Break: 00:25:14

Chapter Three: So much fucking money: 00:26:16  

Chapter Four: Bring it home, Max: 00:36:45

Post Show Musings: 00:41:50

Outro: 00:56:24



Bloomberg: Billionaire Fracking Brothers Hammered by Permian Holdings

Mint: Texas fracking billionaires drew Covid-19 aid while investing in rivals

Financial Post: Wilks brothers-backed ProFrac valued at over $2 bln in Nasdaq debut

Sludge: Who Funds PragerU’s Anti-Muslim Content?

Buzzfeed: How PragerU Is Winning The Right-Wing Culture War Without Donald Trump

Bridge Initiative Team: Factsheet: PragerU

PragerU: Form 990 | Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax 2021

Francesca Tripodi: Searching for Alternative Facts: Analyzing Scriptural Inference in Conservative News Practices

Southern Poverty Law Center: Hungary Paid Dennis Prager $30,000 for an Hour of Appearances at Far-Right ‘Education’ Conference

The New York Times: Right-Wing Views for Generation Z, Five Minutes at a Time

The Guardian: Guess what the three Democrats blocking lower medication prices have in common? H.R.3 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) Representative Frank Pallone, Jr.


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Fuck U, PragerU: The Internet’s Fake Toxic University

Fuck U, PragerU: The Internet’s Fake Toxic University