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Galaxy S10E review and Spotify takes on Apple

Galaxy S10E review and Spotify takes on Apple

Update: 2019-03-154


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Foxxconn's empty innovation centers and a blackhole photo revealed
Loren Grush discusses the first image of a black hole, Nilay discusses Foxconn's broken dreams, Dieter discusses gadgets, and Paul discusses Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser. Long show but stick with us, there's a lot to know here. Stories discussed this week: - See the first image ever taken of a supermassive black hole- Ikea and Sonos made the ultimate speaker lamp- Foxconn’s ‘innovation centers’ are a bunch of empty buildings in Wisconsin- Turns out Amazon buying Eero wasn’t the startup success story we thought- New Zealand privacy commissioner says Facebook is run by ‘morally bankrupt’ liars- T-Mobile relaunches Layer3 TV service as TVision Home- Netflix confirms it killed AirPlay support, won't let you beam shows to …- YouTube TV raises monthly price to $50, but adds Discovery channels ...- Google patches ads into Android TV home screens without warning …- LG G8 ThinQ review: many gimmicks, not enough progress- Samsung's Galaxy A80 is an automated notchless slider with a ...- Hidden Google Play info suggests 'midyear' release for Pixel 3 devices ...- Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser is now officially available to test …- Microsoft reveals all the Google things it removed in its Chromium …Vote for Vergecast in the Webby's! as well as The Verge's Why'd You Push That Button? and our wonderful YouTube channel Verge Sciencealso, we'd love our listeners and reader to fill out
Apple's new iPad mini and Google's Stadia gaming platform
A rundown of Apple's latest product updates including the new iPad mini, iPad Air, and AirPods. The Vergecast crew Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller also discuss Apple's upcoming event on Monday and what their new services may contain. Second half of the show features Google's announcement of their new game streaming platform Stadia. Links: - Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text- Apple updates $399 iPad mini with Apple Pencil support-Apple’s new iPad mini is a terrific small tablet with no competition-Apple brings back the iPad Air with 10.5-inch display and Smart Keyboard support-Apple’s new AirPods come with a wireless charging case, Hey Siri support, and more battery life-Apple will let you add 256GB of RAM to an iMac Pro for $5,200-Apple updates iMacs with new Intel processors and AMD GPUs-A brand-new AirPower image has appeared on Apple’s Australian site-What to expect from Apple’s TV and news service event-Apple’s plan for its new TV service: Sell other people’s TV services- are the shows and films coming to Apple’s streaming service- Is this robotic therapy pet the uncanny valley of dog?-Google unveils Stadia cloud gaming service, launches in 2019-Google Stadia uses a custom AMD chip to offer 10.7 teraflops of cloud gaming power-Oculus unveils the Rift S, a higher-resolution VR headset with built-in trackingThanks to Microsoft Azure for sponsoring this episode. Get started with a free account and 12 months of popular free services at today.
Facebook's privacy pivot and the streaming wars
Breaking down Mark Zuckerberg’s letter on Facebook about its privacy-focused future. The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn,  Julia Alexander, Casey Newton, and Paul Miller discuss Facebooks new pivot to privacy, the next move for HBO after the AT&T restructure, and YouTube's bad actors. Stories from this episode: The president just called the CEO of Apple ‘Tim Apple’Read Mark Zuckerberg's letter on Facebook's privacy-focused future …Mark Zuckerberg promises a newer, more private Facebook Facebook knows Facebook isn't the futureFacebook's pivot to privacy has huge implications — if it's realThe messy details behind Facebook’s messaging plansHBO CEO Richard Plepler is leaving the company amid AT&T …AT&T's new HBO chief criticizes Netflix, says it 'doesn't have a brand …AT&T just made its first huge changes to HBO and the rest of …Game of Thrones' final season trailer prepares us for the biggest fight …Disney is ending its vault program, giving Disney+ a huge boost in the streaming warsHow baseball’s tech team built the future of televisionDying social robot Jibo goes out with a song and a danceYouTube is demonetizing all videos about Momo YouTube's family vloggers worry about future amid comments …YouTube terminates more than 400 channels following controversy …YouTube is 'aggressively approaching' solution to child exploitation to Microsoft Azure for sponsoring this episode. Get started with a free account and 12 months of popular free services at today.
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Galaxy S10E review and Spotify takes on Apple

Galaxy S10E review and Spotify takes on Apple

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