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Gas cap flopping around

Gas cap flopping around

Update: 2020-12-05


content: Sep 13, 2017 · podcast: Dec 5, 2020

Audio (MP3): 20170913 - Gas cap flopping around

Peeps, I was driving somewhere a few days back and was in a hurry. Of course. I'd stopped at the gas station a few minutes before and that had thrown me even more behind schedule. Of course.

So I was sitting at this stoplight impatiently, rolling my eyes at the car line up before me. And then somebody knocks on my driver's side window. For a half second I thought it was the police since my license plates are expired and all.

But it was just a regular guy that wanted to let me that my gas door was open.

Way cool that it wasn't the police but even more way cool that a complete stranger had gotten out of his car at a stoplight to let me know that my gas cap was dangling and the door was open.

There I'd been racing through town with my gas cap flopping around. Like an asshole. I had thought I'd heard something bumping but that's normal if you drive a used car. Plus, I was in a hurry. Of course.

Again, pretty cool that the dude hopped out of his car at a stoplight just to be a better person.

So then the light turned green and he started to hustle back to his car. But then he stopped, did a 180 and said, "let me just get that for you." And then he put my gas cap back on and shut the door.

Peeps, that is nothing short of America.[1]

It may feel like our world is going to shit but we as individuals are what make the difference. In less than ten seconds that guy made the world just that much better.

So why do I put this out there for the universe to see? A moment akin to me walking around with my fly open? Because it keeps me humble, it keeps me grounded. Keeps me from thinking I'm all that and a bag of chips.

But more importantly it's a good reminder that there are way cool, selfless people out there. People doing their part to make the world a better place. People that we don't even know.

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  1. I dictate many things to and for this particular post it heard "America" instead of "miracle." I couldn't change it since I'm me.

jimi hindrance experience
jimi hindrance experience
· Sep 14, 2017 at 10:10 am


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· Sep 14, 2017 at 1:47 pm

Yep, yep!

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Gas cap flopping around

Gas cap flopping around