DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieGenerating Leads & Enquiries. EP #196 - Den Lennie
Generating Leads & Enquiries. EP #196 - Den Lennie

Generating Leads & Enquiries. EP #196 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-07-01


Today, Den gives a mini crash course in online marketing and gives plenty of battle-tested tips and tricks that video freelancers can implement immediately.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Why "thinking big" can screw up your entire marketing campaign. - 1:10
  • When focusing on video "production" can hurt your freelance business. - 1:45
  • The only REAL way to bulletproof your business from the pandemic and other business-killing threats that are lurking around the corner. - 2:15
  • Why business owners should studying farming before marketing their business. I know this sounds strange, but all will make sense when you hear Den at 2:40
  • A “2-second mindset tweak” that can potentially help all your marketing efforts a hundredfold. - 3:05
  • Why most video production websites are about as useless as a pedal-powered wheelchair.
  • A head-smackingly simple (and potentially very profitable) thing to put on your website's homepage that even experienced video production companies don't do. - 3:25
  • What video production freelancers can learn from the gym industry that can help them win new business. (Many gym owners are savvy when it comes to marketing, and...  here's what they do better than most other industries. - 3:45
  • Why posting content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to promote your business is a complete waste of time, unless... you do what's mentioned at 4:45
  • One of the single biggest factors in determining whether your marketing succeeds or fails is this... - 5:30
  • A special “type” of book that video freelancers can use to potentially generate a tremendous amount of highly qualified prospects. (Full details at 6:35 )
  • The crafty "Little Box" secret to online lead generation. - 7:00
  • When cold calling is a BAD idea, and when it can be extremely profitable. - 7:30
  • Online marketing secrets nobody told you about. 7:45
  • How to work with Den one on one. - 9:00
  • What to do if you're a complete newbie when it comes to online marketing and you don't have the time to learn all the ins-and-outs. - 13:50
  • Den's "out of the mouth of babes" moment. (Hear what one of Den's coaching client's children said that gave Den a real aha moment, and... how it can potentially help you, too. - 15:00 )

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Generating Leads & Enquiries. EP #196 - Den Lennie

Generating Leads & Enquiries. EP #196 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie