DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastGeorge Bandarian II, Don’t Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)
George Bandarian II, Don’t Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

George Bandarian II, Don’t Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

Update: 2021-11-29


George Bandarian II is the Founder, General Partner & CEO of Untapped Ventures, a $10 million venture studio fund based in LA, that builds and invests in startups, re-imagining the New Future of Work. One where people live their best lives through the work they do. George and his team help early-stage founders with all the needed steps to grow and scale the company. George Bandarian is also a speaker, presenting at tech and startup events, incubators and accelerators, while also frequently appearing as a guest on business podcasts. He’s been featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur On Fire, Inc. Magazine, and has had the pleasure to work with high-tier entrepreneurs such as Peter Diamandis, Verne Harnish, Ash Murya, and John Warrillow.

Finding Your Massively Transformative Purpose

Right after graduating from the Marshall Business School, USC, George Bandarian entered the family business. At the time, it was a microfilm services company that was risking to fail due to technology obsolescence, but George led the company’s digital transformation in the 2000s. AMI – The paperless Company became a B2B/Enterprise software and services company, that helped large companies eliminate paper and automate processes. The company was ultimately sold to a strategic buyer for a successful multimillion-dollar all-cash exit in 2018.

Such success also came with hardship. George had worked at his family company for over 18 years, and it was part of his identity, and after selling the company he went through a post-exit identity crisis, something not uncommon among entrepreneurs. In fact, you might be financially free, but if you don’t have a clear goal in life, you are not truly fulfilled. At the time, George didn’t have a purpose, and that’s when he started the journey to discover it. He dove deep into personal development, learned from Peter Diamandis, read several books, and even attended the “Date with Destiny” seminar with Tony Robbins. Exposing himself to all these experiences made him discover his MTP (Massively Transformative Purpose): to help millions of people achieve breakthroughs and access their untapped potential. Which is exactly what he’s doing at Untapped Ventures.

And now here’s George Bandarian II.


[3:02 ] Quick disclosure[3:28 ] How’d it happen for George Bandarian II?[7:18 ] What self-actualization means for George[12:36 ] On depression and judging oneself against others[17:56 ] Taking over the family business[22:16 ] How the business progressed until the sale[31:36 ] The post-exit identity crisis[38:07 ] The speed of learning—#1 competitive advantage[39:23 ] On figuring out George’s purposes[44:56 ] On getting investors, Angel investments, and finding your niche[47:40 ] On Mike’s experience with investments and helping new entrepreneurs[53:40 ] Where is Untapped right now?[56:06 ] On the future of entrepreneurship with Untapped[1:00:26 ] The best place to find George[1:02:47 ] Outro

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Video with George Bandarian II, Don’t Swim in Bloody Red Oceans

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George Bandarian II, Don’t Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

George Bandarian II, Don’t Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

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