DiscoverHow'd It Happen PodcastGeorge Bandarian II, Don't Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)
George Bandarian II, Don't Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

George Bandarian II, Don't Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

Update: 2021-11-29


I am very excited to share today’s episode with you because it will be interesting, especially if you’re currently thinking about investing, advising, and more. We have George Bandarian II with us, and we join him as he journeys back from where everything started. We also talk about him taking over their family business, what Untapped Ventures does, and where best to find George and all his services.

George Bandarian II is the Founding Partner of Untapped Ventures, a $10MM early-stage studio fund based in LA that builds and invests in startups re-imagining the New Future of Work. The fund leverages Untapped Studio’s proprietary methodology to validate ideas and grow startups, and the fund invests in winners.

George and his team help early-stage founders, particularly in the Future of Work B2B/SaaS space, with idea validation, rapid market traction to achieve product-market-fit, fundraising, and building a founding team, partnerships, culture, and any needed operational infrastructure.

George is also a speaker and a frequent guest on industry podcasts. I also share my experience as a presenter at tech and startup events, incubators, and accelerators.

Find out more about George and Untapped Ventures:
Personal web:
Untapped Ventures:

Show notes:
[0:00 ] Intro
[3:02 ] Quick disclosure
[3:28 ] How'd it happen for George Bandarian II?
[7:18 ] What self-actualization means for George
[12:36 ] On depression and judging oneself against others
[17:56 ] Taking over the family business
[22:16 ] How the business progressed until the sale
[31:36 ] The post-exit identity crisis
[38:07 ] The speed of learning—#1 competitive advantage
[39:23 ] On figuring out George's purposes
[44:56 ] On getting investors, Angel investments, and finding your niche
[47:40 ] On Mike's experience with investments and helping new entrepreneurs
[53:40 ] Where is Untapped right now?
[56:06 ] On the future of entrepreneurship with Untapped
[1:00:26 ] The best place to find George
[1:02:47 ] Outro

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George Bandarian II, Don't Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

George Bandarian II, Don't Swim in Bloody Red Oceans (#216)

Mike Malatesta