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George Bernard Shaw's Press Cuttings

George Bernard Shaw's Press Cuttings

Update: 2020-09-162


"Strange as it may seem to you as a civilian, Balsquith, if you point a rifle at a woman and fire it, she will drop exactly as a man drops."

Professor of History, John Eltis, presents a historical recording from April 1st 1911 in the office of General Mitchener in the War Office in London. Westminster has been completely overrun by suffragettes, compulsory military service is in effect, and it's up to Prime Minister Balsquith and General Mitchener to restore peace and tranquillity to a chaotic Britain. Unfortunately, a harmonious nation requires a little bit of compromise, something Balsquith and Mitchener are not accustomed to.

In Press Cuttings, Shaw provides one of his funniest and silliest satires, taking aim at anti-suffragettes, the military, and the lengths politicians will go to to stay in power.

The play has been produced in Stereoscopic 3D sound - wear headphones and immerse yourself in the British War Office!

Cast (in order of appearance)

Rob Merriam             as        General Mitchener

Caleb Barron             as        The Orderly

Jake Rich                    as        Prime Minister Balsquith

Gemma Daubeney    as        Mrs Farrel

Maggie Moriarty       as       Mrs Banger

Ellie Cooper                as       Lady Corinthia Fanshawe

Directed by Caleb Barron with Gemma Daubeney

Produced by Jake Rich and Caleb Barron

Graphics by Phil Olney

This was a Maybe You Like It production.

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George Bernard Shaw's Press Cuttings

George Bernard Shaw's Press Cuttings

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