Get Your Grub On

Get Your Grub On

Update: 2019-09-14


Grubs. They’re good for the game - just ask Kevin Sheedy, who this week delivered a golden nugget of grub wisdom: nice teams come last. Take a leaf out of Toby Greene’s book and Get Your Grub On.  

In the modern era, where Rugby League Centres of Excellence are becoming as common as Rugby League off-field incidents, all Centres should establish a School of Grub, where players are educated in dark arts of grubbery by a shady emeritus professor. Hair pulling, wing nutting, eye-gouging, facialling, wrestling moves, squirrel grips, straight arms, jumper punches, off-ball agro; important skills for any self-respectless footy head.

If Serena Williams is to break Margaret Court’s grand slam record, surely it has to happen at Margaret Court Arena! Cue the confetti cannons. In handing the honour over to the GOAT in waiting, Maggie could address the crowd and deliver a sermon, speaking in tongues.

Taylor Swift’s hotly-anticipated performance at The Race That Stops The Nation has punters and Swifties salivating in unison. Animal rights activists not so much - Taylor shouldn’t have to put up with seeing a horse shot on the Flemington Straight! TayTay’s Melbourne Cup gig is a win for everyone, but especially for her young fans who get to experience the pure ecstasy of backing a winner for the first time. 

Your emails arrive at and the correspondence this week has been notably high quality. A parade for Steve ‘Savant’ Smith.The Rugby League Community Corp. Grub guidance. Genius. 

When was the last time you worked out in the Gym of the Mind? When was the last time you utilised your box of mindset tools? If the answer to those questions is never and not once, then perhaps Collective Mind can help. Just don’t ask for a referral from the Adelaide Crows…

73% of Rugby League fans say negative headlines do not put them off watching the greatest game on earth. Hair pulling, wing nutting, eye-gouging, sex taping, public defecation - people love it!

All of that and so much more in a week where too much sport is barely enough!









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Get Your Grub On

Get Your Grub On

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