DiscoverBetterment BrosGet to Know Us Part 1- Dall's Story
Get to Know Us Part 1- Dall's Story

Get to Know Us Part 1- Dall's Story

Update: 2020-02-11


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Alright ya'll, because you guys have asked us more than once, here's us FINALLY telling you our personal stories.  We wanted to throw a disclaimer out there, it gets kinda dark in these episodes. Stick with us we promise it's worth it. 

We also don't much like talking about ourselves, but also recognize the importance of vulnerability and the power of you knowing where we came from.

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Next week's episode will feature our first ever special guest, so be sure to check back in next week!


We're also gearing up for some BIG THINGS in 2020, more details to come in a couple episodes.  We want to hear your feedback, so if you have requests we want to hear from you!


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Let's really blow this thing out guys, we can't wait to see our whole Betterment Bros family out there representing and GETTING BETTER TOGETHER!


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Get to Know Us Part 1- Dall's Story

Get to Know Us Part 1- Dall's Story

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