DiscoverGetting Split Ready with Marya Carey Pleasant and Doug KatzGetting Split Ready 21.5 -Mediated Divorce - A Path to Great Outcomes
Getting Split Ready 21.5 -Mediated Divorce - A Path to Great Outcomes

Getting Split Ready 21.5 -Mediated Divorce - A Path to Great Outcomes

Update: 2020-02-05


From the inherent privacy that it affords to the participatory nature of the agreement, mediation provides divorcing couples a number of benefits. Still, many couples enter the divorce process with a full understanding of and appreciation for mediation.

Join us for a discussion about mediation with Matthew Carroll from Keystone Mediation.

Join us for a discussion on civility in divorce with Tanya Harvey from Ward Family Law.

Other Panelists
- Tanya Harvey from Ward Family Law
- Joyce Marter - Author, Blogger and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

About Matthew

Matthew Carroll strives to help clients find an equitable solution that allows couples a path to resolving their divorce and areas of conflict without the cost of drawn-out litigation. Matthew has witnessed how a mutually acceptable agreement can serve as a foundation for clients to de-couple and establish themselves as an individual once again. As a father, he helps ensure that his clients consider their children’s needs first and foremost throughout the Mediation process.

Matthew has completed certified specialized education at Northwestern University, School of Professional Studies in Civil Mediation, Divorce Mediation, and Advanced Negotiation. He has also completed the Domestic Relations Mediation Training required by the Indiana Supreme Court to be an approved Domestic Relations Mediator in the State of Indiana. Matthew is a certified Mediator with the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago, Illinois, where he mediates civil mediations both at Cook County Municipal Court Houses as well as at the Center for Conflict Resolution.

Before becoming a Mediator, Matthew was a professional opera singer with the Lyric Opera of Chicago for 15 years. While at Lyric, he successfully negotiated multiple contracts between the performing arts union and the administration of the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Matthew still sings when he performs the National Anthem for the Chicago Bulls.

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Getting Split Ready 21.5 -Mediated Divorce - A Path to Great Outcomes

Getting Split Ready 21.5 -Mediated Divorce - A Path to Great Outcomes