DiscoverThe WE Pivot PodcastGetting To Know Al (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 1)
Getting To Know Al (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 1)

Getting To Know Al (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 1)

Update: 2022-03-02


Becoming an entrepreneur may be difficult but the journey is always exciting.
 In this episode, you will find out a little more about one of the creators of the We Pivot Podcast, Al Haywood. You will find out what were some of the earlier circumstances that led Him to want to pursue entrepreneurship full time. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • How old Al was when he decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur and who helped influence his decision. 1:35
  • One of Al’s memorable experiences selling Avon. 5:48
  • Specific events that lead Al to make Web Design the core of his business. 9:04
  • The circumstances that lead Al to finally step out on faith. 11:47
  • Al’s most memorable moments from entrepreneurship. 16:14
  • 3 Interesting facts about Al. 17:56
  • The best business advice Al has ever received. 21:15

 About Al Haywood:
With a strong background in web development, Al Haywood made his mark in technology during his stint with two of the world’s top educational publishing companies (Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill Education).  At McGraw-Hill, Al worked with Media Producers to help build beautiful cutting-edge e-learning websites for some of the world’s top educational authors- as online companion resources to their textbooks.  As a Senior Product Support Specialist II at Pearson, Al helped train college professors and students in Pearson's online media which in turn led to over a million dollars in product adoption sales during a 5-year period.

Since co-founding HAYWOOD SBS LLC, Al has been instrumental in the growth and development of the company that has seen growth in revenue every year since 2014.  Having come from a long background in marketing and technology, Al has helped build and grow HAYWOOD SBS's digital marketing model.

A former Big Ten collegiate athlete, Al holds a bachelor’s degree in Recreation (Sports Management), and a master’s degree in Education (Instructional Systems Technology).

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Getting To Know Al (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 1)

Getting To Know Al (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 1)

Tona & Al Haywood