DiscoverThe WE Pivot PodcastGetting To Know Tona (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 2)
Getting To Know Tona (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 2)

Getting To Know Tona (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 2)

Update: 2022-03-09


Becoming an entrepreneur may be difficult but the journey is always exciting.
 In this episode, you will find out a little more about one of the creators of the We Pivot Podcast, Tona Haywood. You will find out what were some of the earlier circumstances that led Her to want to pursue entrepreneurship full time. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • How old were you when exposed to entrepreneurship and how did you feel about it? 2:15
  • Who helped influence your decision to become an entrepreneur?  5:08
  • What led you to want to make Digital Marketing your focus?  7:19
  • You worked in education for years as a High School Biology, Environmental
  • Science, and Botany and Zoology. What made you decide to finally step out on faith and leave teaching behind?  10:10
  • What has been one of the most memorable moments from being an entrepreneur thus far?  15:17
  • What are three interesting facts that you want your audience to know about you?  18:15
  • What is the best business advice you have ever received?  19:53
  • Why did you and your husband create the WE Pivot Podcast?  How does it benefit your clients?  22.16

About Tona Haywood

Described as an ‘educator of digital marketing’, Tona Haywood came to the digital marketing field as a 16-year veteran of secondary education. Tona now uses her gift of teaching to help build clarity in digital marketing for women entrepreneurs, and share her knowledge and strategy through the WE Pivot Podcast.

Tona continues to positioned herself as one of the go-to's for teaching brands how to engage their community and harness the power of email marketing, social web, content strategies. Working with companies ranging from start up to national organizations, and individual bloggers, Tona is known for her ability to teach businesses how to develop shareable content and overhaul their digital marketing strategies with cutting edge best practices.

Tona has been invited to speak on numerous social platforms such as the Social Media For Christian Ministries, Christian Women of Impact, and the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs.

In her leisure time, Tona also heads an online Christian boutique ( and sells inspirational gifts and apparel; while sending portions of the stores proceeds to The Voice of the Martyrs ministry to help place a Bible in the hands of every Christian believer worldwide.

Tona holds Bachelor's degree in Science (Biology), and holds a Master's degree in Education.​

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Getting To Know Tona (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 2)

Getting To Know Tona (Who is this cute couple Series: Part 2)

Tona & Al Haywood