DiscoverMassive Agent PodcastGetting Your Leads to ACTUALLY Respond w/ Neil Mathweg
Getting Your Leads to ACTUALLY Respond w/ Neil Mathweg

Getting Your Leads to ACTUALLY Respond w/ Neil Mathweg

Update: 2020-08-13


One of the most frustrating things about generating real estate leads online is that very few of them respond to you. The vast majority do not, and frankly, most Realtors give up before contacting the lead enough times to get them to respond.

But there are some things real estate agents can do to improve their response rate of their leads. Some people have actually figured out some tricks and tactics that dramatically improve their lead response rates! You'll hear from one of those people on this episode.

Today, THE best real estate coach in the industry, Neil Mathweg, joins the Massive Agent Podcast to share a strategy for getting more real estate leads to respond that he's perfected over the years that he calls "matchmaking." It's a concept that doesn't cost money, it only requires a little extra work. He covers matchmaking in depth in his incredible Agent Rise coaching program, but he also breaks it down for us today.

Stay tunes to the end to find out something cool that Neil and I are doing together, and how you can actually get Neil and myself to coach you... for free.


Dustin Brohm, the host of this Massive Agent Podcast, was a finalist for the 2019 Inman Innovator of the Year Award. He’s a Co-Founder of the Industry Syndicate real estate podcast network, and a keynote speaker on all things real estate marketing, social media, podcasting, and real estate lead generation. Dustin Brohm has spoken on stage at Gary Vaynerchuk’s Agent2021, Inman Connect, HousingWire's events, numerous State Realtor Association events & annual conventions, and more. Dustin is a Realtor w/ eXp Realty in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Getting Your Leads to ACTUALLY Respond w/ Neil Mathweg

Getting Your Leads to ACTUALLY Respond w/ Neil Mathweg

Dustin Brohm