DiscoverHow to MoneyGetting Your Money Etiquette Right #422
Getting Your Money Etiquette Right #422

Getting Your Money Etiquette Right #422

Update: 2021-10-131


Joel doesn’t like to eat at fancy restaurants- not only because paying a ton of money isn’t his jam, but also because there are all these rules of etiquette that fine diners are just supposed to know. What’s he going to do with that 3rd fork anyways?! The same is often true when it comes to our money and the social situations we find ourselves in. Splitting the bill with friends when we go out- what should we keep in mind there? How should we talk about money with our co-workers, friends, and family? When you’re on a date, who pays for what and how quickly should you dive into money conversations with someone you’re serious about? And because we’re all unique individuals, we argue that there are no hard and fast rules that dictate our actions when it comes to our money. Instead there is a lot of nuance and it takes a lot of emotional intelligence in order to get your money etiquette right. It’s not always clear what path we should take and so during the episode we provide a helpful framework to help you decide. And we also share our thoughts on some common scenarios so that we can all avoid that awkward tension that might arise.

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Getting Your Money Etiquette Right #422

Getting Your Money Etiquette Right #422