Getting to Know MazGamingUK

Getting to Know MazGamingUK

Update: 2021-07-09


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MazGamingUK (aka Maz from the DreamCast Junkyard Podcast, and of YouTube and Twitch fame) stopped by the virtual Waffling Taylors HQ to chat about his YouTube channel, what he's been playing recently, what he'd take with him to the Thunder Plains, drops a horror story (followed by Jay doing the same), and we talk about controller designs.

Here's a sample of the full show notes - make sure to click through and check them out.

Show Notes

We had the amazing Maz Gaming UK on the show because he is amazing. If you are a fan of the DreamCast Junkyard Podcast, or have seen any of his YouTube videos then you'll know exactly who he is. But if you have heard the DC Junkyard pod, or watched any of his videos, then I'd recommend going and taking a look.

We'll wait.

... We can wait almost all-day

Done? Good!

And of course, we started the podcast as we meant to go on: with some silliness and stupidity - and a shout out to our friend Unaffiliated JZ - because we couldn't start the podcast any other way.

And Jay starts us off with a story from the (at the time) recently released Friend's Reunion episode - which, if you're a fan, he'd recommend watching.

Getting to Know Maz

Maz first lets us know about his YouTube channel - seriously, have you subscribed yet? - which has some amazing content already, but is going to be having a bit of a shake up soon.

you'll see on our channel that our last video was December [2020], and that's because we're going in a completely different direction at the moment... which is an initial series of six incredibly different videos, all with a different topic
- Maz

One thing which is a really nice piece of serendipity - as Jay points out - is that almost everyone we've met through the podcast was at EGX 2019 - in the before times - we just didn't get a chance to meet many of them in person. To be fair that's not a huge surprise though, as EGX is the biggest video gaming expo in the UK.

Squidge mentions the tattoo that he got at EGX, and you can see that tattoo in the full show notes here.

He got this tattoo on our third day at EGX, - when we met Beckski, Stoo Cambridge, the folks from Arcade Attack, and the folks from Adventure in Aellion you can see the original tweet about it here.

Maz compares the difference between fully planned out interviews to those which are organised on the fly. It really isn't as easy to run on-the-fly interviews which have been arranged with a moment's notice, so our collective hats are off to those who can run them.

Recent Games

The Recent Games segment will not be new to listeners, but in case you're new to the show here's how it goes: we go round the table and discuss one or more game that we've been playing recently, and whether we think it's worth the listeners checking it out. We continue to do this until we've run out of games to discuss.

I love to hear what everyone's been playing, and whether they would recommend it
- Jay

And, of course, we shared ours too. Would we recommend the games that we've all been playing? Or course!

Maz's Recent Games

As is tradition, we asked Maz to go first.

  • Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown
You can't go wrong with a Virtua fighter game... and they've rebuilt it in the Dragon Engine, so you can imagine how sexy it looks
- Maz
  • Two Point Hospital

Maz returned to Two Point Hospital shortly after the announcement of Two Point Campus, and has been playing it since then.

I'm not sure how Two Point Campus is going to work, because I'm not used to a hospital which doesn't have ten or 12 ghosts in it
- Maz

Squidge's Recent Games

  • Resident Evil

A few days before we recorded, Jay had found out about the Classic REbirth mod from Apple of Eden. It allows you to play the original PC release of Resident Evil (as in the 1996 game) on windows 10, with a number of bug fixes and quality improvements.

After five failed attempts, I was able to completed it in under three hours [without saving once]
- Squidge

Jay drops some knowledge from Alex Aniel's book "Itchy Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil" about the dialogue used in the original game. A lot of people make fun of the original game for its very bad dialogue, which was delivered rather badly. But the dialogue was perfectly written for the Japanese audience - we interviewed Alex not so long back about his book, and you can listen to it here.

Maz drops similar knowledge about Corey Marshall - voice actor of Ryo from Shenmue. Apparently, he was specifically asked to give a more wooden delivery for the Japanese market.

Jay's Recent Games

It had been a super light load for Jay recently, as he doesn't get to play many games these days - so why's he on a video game podcast then?

  • Shadow Man Remastered

Jay has been playing this since it came out and has completed the remaster several times. In fact, each time Nightdive release an update (roughly every two to six weeks), he has started playing it again from scratch. This is because each update unlocks new restored content, or changes the game in subtle ways.

It's a very big favourite of Jays, and he has written about the first game across two blog posts.

The Thunder Plain Games

For those who are new to the pod, we have a section called "Thunder Plain Games" which might be vaguely reminiscent of a certain programme on BBC Radio 4 - but for copyright reasons, it is completely different.

Imagine that you are in Final Fantasy X, and the Thunder Plains) is a place that you get banished to. And what we're going to do is we're going to open a portal to the Thunder Plains and, very nicely and politely, boot you through it. You will get help, maybe it will be tomorrow, maybe it will be in a week, maybe it will be in an hour.

To stop you from getting bored, we've said that we'll keep the portal open and we'll throw through up to three video games and everything you need to play them - including an Internet connection. The only rules are that you can't ask for help, because help is on the way, and you can't tell anyone that you're in the Thunder Plains.

Full Show Notes

Make sure to check out the full show notes for more discussion on the points we raise, some extra meta-analysis, and some links to related things.

Are you already a fan of MazGamingUK? Will you be checking out his new videos (with increased production values, scripting, and him flexing his film-making skills)? What did you think to Maz's horror story? And what did you think to Jay's? What about the Thunder Plain Games choices that Maz made? And his best and worst controllers?

Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, leave a comment on the show notes or try our brand new contact page.


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Getting to Know MazGamingUK

Getting to Know MazGamingUK

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